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UPS UPDATE OF 5/9/07    One month after posting my un-resolved problem on the WEB http://www.tpaktopc.net/PDFs/UPS.htm  put onto the web April 9, 2007 I am writing a LACK-OF-PROGRESS-REPORT.”

On April 10,  in response to an inquiry from Connie from the Mtn. Home, Idaho office (whose office is scheduled to pick up our daily UPS packages)  I Faxed to her the above explaining why our UPS shipping volume had dropped off.   She assured me she would look into getting the problem resolved.  The next day she called back and said she had forwarded http://www.tpaktopc.net/PDFs/UPS.htm to Blaine Hemmert at the Boise, Id office and he would be back to her in just a few days.

Since last month, I have also talked to the delivering driver who has reported he has left additional messages for Blaine.  He told me on one occasion that Blaine said he “would call me.”

So now it is the end of the day of May 9, 2007, one month later. (Still NO CALL by the way!)

On April 18, I heard from a brand new account rep, Donna Grant, who is supposedly in charge of taking care of my customer problems.  I faxed to her a copy of my original web posting of April 9.  By coincidence, she too called today, May 8, 3 weeks later.  She said she had not done anything because I had not faxed her a copy of the pickup record  M426 737 754.  In our discussion of April 18, I told her I would not be faxing her a record that I had already Faxed to their local office.  If she could not get a copy of their original, she should contact the Boise, Id office, who had copies.  Why UPS is incapable of  retrieving one of their own records, identified by their number, is either a sign of incompetence or just an attitude of  “a-a-w, that’s too much trouble!”

On April 9, just as a check to see if I might be a bit unreasonable, I did a web search on Google with the search criteria of “boycott UPS”.  I got One Million Ten Thousand hits.  To be fair, I also did one for  “boycott FedEx” and received 284,000 hits.  I am not a statistician, but a difference of more than a 300% and almost 400%  seems significant to me.  Now I am not advocating a boycott of any shipping carrier.  That decision is between the individual user and their limits of satisfaction or dis-satisfaction.  I just happen to have reached my limit!